We specialise in the monitoring of PM 10 and PM 2.5 in ambient air arising in quarrying or mineral extraction, waste management facilities, demolition/ construction sites, landfill sites, road traffic emissions etc.

Our air quality monitors, the AQM DM11 and DM11 Pro, are optical samplers, using the principle of light scattering to estimate particle mass, so are ideal for automatic monitoring and for screening surveys.

Light scattering methods are the Environment Agency's preferred method for automatic monitoring and for screening assessments. (EA, 2004, 'Monitoring of particulate matter in ambient air around waste facilities' Technical Guidance Document M17).

Our air quality monitors are ideal for:

  • Local Authority Review and Assessments - a requirement of the Environment Act 1995
  • Measuring compliance with planning conditions-these are often imposed on demolition/ construction sites
  • Monitoring particulate matter (PM 10 and PM 2.5) - requirement of an Industrial Permit condition
  • Determining the efficiency of pollution control equipment
  • Determining the source of emissions

We provide a range of air quality monitoring services including:

  • Sales or hire of our monitoring equipment
  • Advice on sampling locations and number of locations
  • Installation of our monitoring equipment
  • Web based software for real time data collection
  • Interpretation and reporting of data
  • Quality assurance and quality control - including calibration of equipment
  • Meteorological equipment for measuring - wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity and rainfall

We would be happy to discuss your particular application and suggest a practical and cost effective solution.

Our in house software writers can provide you with tailored software to suit your requirements. You can sign up to one of our fully serviced software packages which use the latest technology to retrieve live data direct to your PC or Smartphone.

For more information on the software please click here.

If you have a process, waste site, construction site or anything that emits dust particulates, noise or gasses, we can help you.

To find out more about our services or to discuss how AQM can assist you, please do not hesitate to call us on:
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