AQM Noise Equipment

AQM NM4000 Noise Monitor

Air Quality Monitors Ltd offers a noise monitor with an integrated modem which enables live data to be sent to its website where the data can viewed as graphs, averages and exported into csv files via your secure unique login. Alerts and trigger thresholds can be set remotely using your PC, tablet or smartphone.

The ultimate solution for construction and industrial sites.

Noise and dust pollution are common problems on construction and industrial sites. So at AQM we have integrated our particulate monitors to work hand in hand with a noise monitor offering live data transfer (if required) giving the ultimate user friendly monitoring - One secure website to view all your data.

Our Intelligent Noise Monitoring Solution is a fully integrated solution for unattended noise monitoring applications which offers:

  • class 1 accuracy
  • internal web server for system configuration
  • live data streaming
  • data management
  • battery powered operation
  • measures and stores results suitable for automatic reports
  • detailed information for advanced post-processing analysis
  • live data stream for real time noise monitoring
  • multi-profile data logging
  • real time 1/1 and 1/3-octave logging
  • audio event recording
  • statistical analysis
  • highly efficient windscreen